Cute Mushy Cards <3

I love cute cards! (Well I am sure most of us girls do 😉 )  And I personally believe that there is no particular time or reason to gift one or make one for your loved ones. Mushy cards are loved by all  and these cards are the easiest way to say that you care.
Simplest card for beginners.
So here are some cute mushy quilled cards that are my favorites !

“Olive you a lot ”



A simple card with a martini glass with two cute olives and little hearts around it.






“I love you berry Much” –  Just a simple berry with hearts says it all ! 🙂










“You are out of this world”
The little rocket and stars are way tooo cute. You can use cut out starts too.









“I am hooked to you”
This one is my favourite. A cute orange fish and a lil hook.









“Bee mine” *wink aint it cute 😉 *

aint it cute ! 🙂You can also make it as – “We were meant to bee “



So go ahead keep trying ! have fun !

Happy Quilling !