Quilled Ganeshji !

After a hectic term, lots of submissions.. I look forward to weekends and free time…
And that means lots of free time to do quilling ! 🙂 🙂

With the festive season around the corner, I decided to make a little Ganeshji.

Here is my take and quilled version of Ganeshji.

I used orange handmade paper for the base.  Cream and maroon 3mm strips for all the quilled coils and shapes. Used glitter paper for the trunk.

Started with the feet, I  used triangle quilled shapes and crescent shape and flat crescents with 3mm maroon paper. I then started with the trunk. Rolled the coils in glitter paper and made them stand vertically.
Used 3mm cream paper strips for the ears and the legs.
Decorated the eyes with silver sparkles !

Frankly when I asked my friends and family  it looks like modern and abstract act.

But the eye makes it distinct and clear as a Ganeshji.
Hope you like it!
Happy Quilling !