My Quilled aquarium!

Quilling is rolling strips of paper into various sized coils that are shaped and glued together to form decorative art pieces.  Quilling is also known as paper filigree ! The various shapes include tear drop, petal, eye , leaf, heart, crescent, square, oval, bunny ear, tulip, tight roll, loose scroll, v scroll, c scroll ,s scroll , grape roll and many more !

The loose scrolls are first rolled using a quilling needle and then released in order to release the tension.



One can also try a variety of designs with paper including fringed flowers, roses and tiny loops flower ( that is mad e with a comb). Quilling is so easy that any one can start! All you need is patience and practice and you are good to go!

I used to keep learning and trying shapes on my own. 

Today I am gonna share one of my favorites ! My quilled Aquarium!


It was fun to make and I wanted to make an underwater scene! Its got fishes.. of different shapes, a crab, an octopus, star fish and a sea horse! You can add whatever you want to it..

I started with the crab carefully with the eye shape, petal shape and the heart shapes for the body and legs respectively.


Next was the octopus… it was simple… just a big loose coil and the bear claw shapes. I added the eyes to give it a more real look… and it looks way too cute.


The next was the star fish… well that was like any other quilled flower ! 🙂Image

The fishes were the simplest of all.. just small tear drops for the body and little hearts as the fins! 🙂 

I added bubbles and lots of leaves to make the scene complete. One could also add little waves ! There’s no prefixed design that I follow.. its just what i feel like making at that point!  🙂 Trust me, whatever you do.. it looks great in the end! 

Happy Quilling! 



Day One of Quilling – 12th feb 2012

Being in a B-school can be really hectic at times.. with all the assignments.. deadlines… submissions..classes.. surprise quizzes and many more activities ! Towards the middle of the third trimester at college, fed up with the day’s events… I landed up at a common hangout place… eating chaat and subway footlong! As I love eating and I enjoy chaats, I always end up over eating!!!!! After nicely eating my share, I decided  to go for a little walk around the place… just so that the food could settle down and I came across a hallmark store! Being a typical girl… I love the cards… little tiny gifts..cute teddy bears these stores usually have…So I stepped in just for a little round and “Voila”….there it was…A QUILLING KIT ! I wanted to try Quilling for almost an year plus! I had seen a number of videos on youtube how to do it…but always was busy with work, entrance exams and then studies!

Here it was… My chance to see and explore Quilling ! Should I buy it? It is too expensive? Will I be good at it? I hope it isn’t a waste of money…. after like a million of questions in my mind.. I decided to go for it! As soon as i reached the hostel.. I couldn’t wait to get started… so after reading the little manual with the kit and recalling the videos seen before.. I started with a small butterfly and a flower !

So happy with the end result ! I knew… this was a hobby for keeps !! And lets say have been getting better and better at this !

My Day One effort!   

The pic isn’t that clear..was more excited about quilling! 😉

Welcome to my World of Quilling!

This blog is dedicated to my love for Quilling…! Started as a hobby 3 month back has got me hooked on to Quillling every since… ! Its easy.. fun to do and looks great in the end ! Welcome to My world of Quilling! Lots of photos of the stuff that I make.. Hope you all like it. !Image